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1 hour of digital consultancy

1 x 500 word articles

10 hours of SEO work

Features: local directory submission, architecture SEO, negative link removal, actionable insights, XML sitemap, Google Business Profile, image optimisation, speed optimisation, backlink acquisition




2 hours of digital consultancy

2 x 500 word articles 

15 hours of SEO work

Features: structured data, advanced analytics, content optimisation, local citations, backlinks, online directories, outreach opportunities, speed optimisation, image optimisation, Google Local, XML sitemap, negative link removal, client portal access, architecture SEO, strategy in the first month




3 hours of digital consultancy

3 x 500 word articles

20 hours of SEO work

Features: actionable insights, UI/UX/CRO monthly review, content silos architecture, advanced tracking alongside analytics, heatmaps, strategy every 12 months





4 hours of digital consultancy

4 x 500 word articles

1 x page inclusive

25 hours of SEO work

Features: a quarterly strategy to include competitor analysis, competition review, extensive content plan for SEO, pirate funnel in line with SEO, segmentation analysis

SEO Packages

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