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Get your logo, video, or livestream in the Voxel Space for as long as you have your business! You can benefit from all the upgrades and events held where millions of users can access your business. 

If purchasing video pixels you agree:
- That if your video is taken down by YouTube, we have the right to remove it from the Meta Pixel Plot floor. 
- That your video shows no profanity, nudity or any kind of discrimination of any nature. 

For all users:

- If your URL is changed or your domain expires, you have 5 days to notify us of the new domain otherwise, we reserve the right to remove your logo from the floor. 
- Your logo shows no profanity, nudity or any discrimination/discriminatory words. 
- We reserve the right to place your logo/video where we see fit on the floor. 
- We reserve to move your logos to another position on the floor.

If purchasing video promotion on wall:


- Logos/videos will be places on the demo floor and shown to you for approval before we publish it to our parcel of land. 
- Once approval has been given, no further changes can be made unless an additional fee has been agreed for administration charges. 

Advertise in the Metaverse with Meta Pixel Plot

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